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Nicole So (Yoga Teacher)

Nicole is a fully qualified Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT). She has practiced and studied yoga for over 15 years. Before pursuing yoga, Nicole worked professionally in a corporate environment after completing her Master’s Degree in International Business at Monash University.

Nicole enjoyed a successful and rewarding career in the corporate world before her heart found yoga. Two years ago, an opportunity opened up and she took that opportunity to become a full time yoga teacher. This decision changed her life. Her health and wellbeing improved and she also discovered a much deeper connection to her spirit. Nicole now dedicates her time and focus to teaching yoga and enjoys sharing the wonder and strength of her yoga practice with her many students.

Nicole has studied and trained in yoga with many knowledgable teachers in India and has a profound connection to and understanding of multiple disciplines including Health yoga, Therapeutic yin yoga, Anahata yoga, Five element forms, Zazen meditation and Thai massage.

Nicole believes that through yoga, anybody can improve their quality of life. This is what her practice aims to achieve.

About Us

Zouz Yoga is created by June and Nicole, a combination of fine food and yoga which represent a journey through body (Food) to Spirit (Yoga).  We are based in the heart of Camberwell and only minutes away from Ashburton, Glen Iris, and Burwood. 

Our aim is to create a cozy and safe space to share with our community to nourish your body, spirit and life. Connect with us on Instagram @zouz_yoga & Facebook; Zouz Yoga

Zouz Yoga

Zouz Yoga is an additional service Zouz Café offers to our community in Camberwell.  Zouz Yoga is nest inside Zouz Café under the nature sun and moon lights through the sky light windows and sits behind a beautiful courtyard.

Zouz Yoga is a calming and inviting space to practice yoga under the Sun light and Moon night sky to balance both Yin and Yang energies.

This light and vibrant yoga space invites you to open your soul to inner peace, deepen your connection to others and find happiness in the strength of your mind, body and spirit.

Zouz Yoga is created to serve and support you in your journey towards healthy body and healthy mind. 

ZOuz vinyasa yoga

Usually faster paced, invigorating and dynamic.  The asana (postures) are linked together in a series of movements that are synchronised with the breath.  This yoga style focuses on the breath and the transition in and out of the asana. 

Try this style of Vinyasa yoga it is great to build strength and flexibility throughout the body.  And continue practice will increase awareness in the body and state of meditative mind.

Zouz gentle flow yoga

Involves slower movements but is still an active form of yoga that follows a series of asana (postures). This yoga style is designed to improve your strength, balance and flexibility. 

Flow yoga is a very popular style of yoga where awareness between your body and mind is enhanced and awakened. 

Flow yoga is ideal for beginners but intermediate and advanced students who want to sink deeper in their practice will also find Flow yoga highly enjoyable and rewarding.

Zouz yin yoga

is a passive healing practice.  This style of yoga involves holding specific poses for up to 3-5 minutes at a time. Yin yoga is a restorative style of yoga. It is used to access deeper layers or joints in your body.

Yin yoga improves your flexibility and cultivates a clear and healthy mind.  This style of yoga is suitable for all levels of students.



Class booking is required as space is limited. You can book via email (yoga@zouzcafe.com.au) in advance. Please call us at 0411082189 (Nicole) and 03-98890998 (Zouz Yoga) if you have any questions.

All classes are 60 minutes. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to settle.

Connect with us: @zouz_yoga


We accept cash and EFT. If you would like to purchase passes via EFT. Our bank details are:

HSBC Australia

Nicole So

BSB: 345-005

Account Number: 041-124-412

You can purchase yoga passes via EFT and at Zouz Cafe


$20 – Introductory offer. New students pay for first class and receive 1 week of unlimited yoga free.

$20 – Drop in

$180 – 10 pass (Valid for 3 month, from the date of first session booked)


If you need to cancel a class you have booked please make your cancellation 2 hours before the class start time by email or text us. If cancellation is made less than 2 hours before the class start time or no show, you will forfeit the class.